Monday, 1 March, 2021

There are some music group uniforms that are tacky. If a member of a music group with tacky uniforms wears the outfit straight out of his or her home and walks the streets, some onlookers would be wondering what sort of person is walking by. Imagine seeing a person wearing pink trousers and a peacock hat walking by.

The onlookers may assume that the fellow is a lover of wacky dressing or doesn’t just have a mirror at home. The music person just sticks out like a sore thumb amongst many dressed in regular and acceptable fashion according to societal norms.

Things change when the music person gets to meet the rest of the music group, all dressed up in same uniform as his. The picture isn’t bad looking anymore. It looks glamorous. They are the cynosure of eyes fit for a stage performance.What was unappealing as a single outfit makes sense as part of a group.

This can be likened to a component of an equipment. When you find it elsewhere, it makes no sense and has no function on its own. It is out of sync with its environment. But when it is identified with the other components of the relevant equipment, it makes sense.

Sometimes we need to synergize with others to be able to harness to the fullest potentials, the best of a skill, gift or trait in us. On our own, it may not make much sense but as a group, the possibilities are endless.


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