We are a digital music magazine centred on gospel music and its culture, issues, events, merchandise, icons and stakeholders in the local and global scene.

Our goal is to create and maintain a thriving community and platform for all participants in this genre so that it continues to remain relevant, edifying, entertaining, marketable as well as refreshing in the global music scene.

Our articles are personal styled, poignant, edifying and light hearted with the ability to spark conversations on diverse issues.

Music Town Magazine helps to give publicity and form a connection between  upcoming artistes and its readers who are gospel music consumers  through its annual compilation of ‘A Dozen New Songs Of The Year’ by various new artistes. We buy the rights to distribute the songs from the artistes whose works are part of the compilations.

We have a high school music program in partnership with some schools within our locale to engage teens in the acquisition of music skills in singing and playing instruments, as part of a vacation program. An inter school choral competition for participating schools  holds at the end of each year as a climax for this program.

Music Town Magazine has a 12 week count down to the end of the year Magazine on radio in the last quarter of the year, to be aired on selected radio stations around the country. It has its own on air personalities as radio hosts. This would increase the visibility of gospel music on radio.