1.. Question: I am a part of the gospel music industry in my locale. I would love to be interviewed by Music Town Magazine. Can I contact you ?

Answer:  Yes, through

  1. Question: Can I submit adverts for gospel music events in my area as articles?

Answer: No, you can only submit them as paid advertisement. Pictures in jpeg format are a needful addition. Send email to indicating interest to advertise.

  1. Question: When I submit an article, am I paid when it is accepted or when it is published?

Answer: You are paid when it is published. You will be notified prior to this.

  1. Question: I am having trouble accessing some of the features on the website. Who should I report this to?

Answer: Send email to It will be forwarded to our technical support engineer.

  1. Question: How do I get more information about Music Town Magazine events?

Answer: Apart from event news being published in the Editor’s note, they will be posted on our Facebook, Instagram and YouTube communities.

  1. Question: How do I contact Music Town Magazine?

Answer: Send SMS to +234 90 8238 1724 or send email to

  1. Question: Are essays and interviews limited to residents of Nigeria?

Answer: No, we accept and publish essays and interviews from all over the world.

  1. Question: Is Music Town Magazine strictly for gospel music issues?

Answer: Yes it is solely for gospel music and inspirational music.

  1. Question: How do I join the Music Town Magazine community on Facebook Instagram and YouTube?

Answer: Scroll to the bottom of the webpage and click any of the social media icons you see there. It will take you directly to the respective social media community group.