Mary Mary : Duo or 2 Solo Acts

Saturday, 1 May, 2021

When the two sisters hit the gospel scene as a fresh duo with their best selling debut album THANKFUL (2000) which had the hit SHACKLES, they caught everyone’s attention because we had not seen anything like them, their sound and their image. They got their name from 2 famous Marys in the Bible namely Mary the mother of Jesus and Mary Magdalene.

As Mary Mary, the sisters Erica and Tina Atkins have sold more than 8 million records globally. They have 11 Grammy nominations and 4 wins. They have been credited for broadening the fanbase of urban contemporary gospel in the 2000s by introducing elements of jazz, funk, soul music, and hip-hop.

From 2014 they went on a hiatus and embarked on solo projects. Everything changed.

The ladies obviously evolved over the years in different directions and it affected the Mary Mary brand.

4 years ago in an interview on her show, GET UP! MORNINGS WITH ERICA CAMPBELL, Erica mentioned that the mutual respect that exists between them now (post Mary Mary) was not there when they were working together as a duo.

Becoming wives and mothers also changed the dynamics of their working relationship and it became obvious that solo projects was the way forward for each of them.

Nevertheless, Tina has admitted that there is nothing like making and performing music with her sister.

As much as we embrace their solo journeys, we also appreciate the Mary Mary years that brought them to the spotlight and hope that they still find time to do joint music projects together.

Let’s hope that their growth as individuals can positively impact on such projects to the benefit of their fans.



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