Sonnie Badu: Real Degrees Or Not?

Saturday, 1 May, 2021

Recently, popular gospel crooner, Sonnie Badu celebrated his academic feats and shared his joy and success with his followers and fans on social media.

On his Facebook page, his April 6th 2021 post says, ‘Education is key..we are @tiuauniversity

#Dean #Prof #Musicology # Music’.

On Instagram, his March 30th post announced his new status as a Professor and Dean of Musicology.

Although he received loads of congratulatory messages, there were some that questioned the authenticity of his claims. One called him out for being an ‘ academic scam’ adding that he did not really become a Prof and a Dean of Musicology in a few months. A Twitter user brought forward some evidence to back the accusation.

The gospel singer replied the naysayers by referring to them as people who pull you down when they do not understand the grace and hard work behind one’s success.

There is obviously more to this story than meets the eye. The truth simply lies with the American academic institution where the degrees were gotten from. As long as it isn’t a fictitious institution.



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