The Tiny Detail That Counts

Saturday, 1 May, 2021

Our editor has a tale to share with us. Stay blessed.

“I had the opportunity to be a vocal coach to someone preparing for a singing contest. The talented singer registered to contest in the solo category and was in need of creative directions on how to tackle the 2 songs given to all contestants.

We had a blast with all our sessions, arranging the songs, deciding what to cut out, what to add and how to make them sound fresh and ingenious. I told her to jot down the keys of her songs on paper and ensure that the keyboardist accompanying her, got it before she went on stage on the D-day. The keyboardist was also playing for other contestants and it was important that her keys didn’t get mixed up with others to her detriment.

On the day of the event, she was the 6th and last contestant to perform in each round. Round 1 went well. She had the most stellar performance.

Then came round 2.

The other contestants were all the worse than their first outing. When it was her turn, something horrible happened. The keyboardist played on a wrong key and she started singing before realizing the error. Her allocated time had begun to read and so she could not stop and correct the error. Singing on the extremely high key was a Herculean  task but she did her best to stay on the key. She was only able to sing one verse and one chorus. She quickly ended the song to prevent any mishap. All the beautiful arrangements planned for the song to knock it out of the ball park was thrown away. It was all about surviving an ordeal. She battled to stay afloat to avoid being drowned by treacherous waters.

She eventually won the solo contest because of her exceptionally high scores in round 1 as well as the abysmal performance of the others in round 2. If the other contestants came with their A game, she would have lost.

In life, excellence and victory can be obstructed by tiny details that seem insignificant. It isn’t the size of the detail that matters. It is the size of the impact it can cause when ignored that counts.”

Ms W. Okowa


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